First Industry 4.0 Hackathon in Bremen

First Industry 4.0 Hackathon in Bremen

Last weekend (16 to 18 February 2018), the developer community from the region got together for the very first Industry 4.0 Hackathon in Bremen. During the programming marathon in the "Kraftwerk", 14 teams showed what can be done in a mere 48 hours, starting from the generation of ideas and then moving onwards to the implementation of prototype software. What was being looked for were creative ideas that could be put into practice for networked products, apps and services focussing on B2B applications. The aim of the work done by each team up until Sunday was to develop appropriate strategies, work out new concepts, create the associated programs and finally convince the jury that the team's idea was worthwhile. Member of the jury and director of innovation Frank Maier was thrilled: "It is incredible what creative results the teams developed in such a short time".

The most convincing developers were the "neusta" team, which won the first prize for the "Best Idea", with prize money amounting to €1500. They developed a method of enabling optimised financial transactions between machines, based on the use of the crypto-currency IOTA.
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    Hackathon Bremen


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